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The beautiful thing about coding is that you can find answers to basically any questions you have by doing a simple Google search. The other beautiful thing about coding is that fellow developers not only understand the challenges that come along with writing code, but are equipped to create technologies to help navigate those challenges. There are multitudes of extensions in VSCode that have been created specifically to make your life easier while coding.

Something that helps me stay sane when I’m working on a project is having code that looks nice. I am generous with white space in my…

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If you’re a software engineer, or even if you code casually, you are very familiar with the beloved console.log() function. It’s one of the most handy tools we have in our belt to quickly test if our code is working and debug it when it’s not. Up until recently, I was only aware of console.log() as a way to work in my console.

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In the time that I’ve been building apps and working on personal projects, I’ve grown to appreciate programmers who are adept at styling with CSS. It amazes me how people can manipulate simple elements and create masterpieces (if you’re not convinced, go check out CSS Zen Garden, where you can see just how different the same web page can look with different CSS). Now, I’m admittedly no expert on CSS, so if you came here looking for Building A Beautiful Web Page With CSS 101, you may be disappointed. …

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After I graduated bootcamp, I got into a habit of coding alone. There’s something satisfying about getting into a rhythm and having no interruptions. As time has gone on, however, I’ve realized how beneficial pair programming can be, especially in a pandemic. Here are some of ways that pair programming has helped me and my code out.

Code Conversations

The first benefit of pair programming that I find extremely helpful is that it allows you to speak about your code. This is a skill that I’m admittedly still working on, but I get my best practice when I’m coding with one of…

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As a software developer, Chrome extensions can be extremely helpful in your everyday adventures in coding. Here are my top three:

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Today I learned an important lesson about doing things to help out my future self. I was revisiting some old projects, cleaning them up and making sure they’re working properly, and I quickly realized that I am not as familiar with these apps as I was when I was working with them daily (DUH). In order to add some very minor features to the apps, I first had to spend quite a bit of time re-familiarizing myself with the functions I had written and what they do, something that, in hindsight, I could have easily avoided. …

This weekend I decided to change up my coding routine and worked through a FreeCodeCamp walkthrough of building a simple Rock Paper Scissors app in JavaScript. My motivation in going through this tutorial was to brush up on some of my JS knowledge that I haven’t used in a few weeks, but I ended up learning a new CSS skill in this project that I hadn’t encountered before.

The beginning stages of building Rock Paper Scissors involve creating icons to represent each one of the choices in the game, and then adding event listeners to each of those icons in…

I recently graduated from Flatiron School’s software engineering program, and looking back on the experience, there are a few things that I would share with someone considering attending a bootcamp. I believe that nothing can fully prepare you for the intense nature of a code bootcamp, but these are some things that I feel would have better equipped me to succeed during my time at Flatiron.

One of the first things that I had to adjust to at bootcamp was the intensity of the workload. You will be coding morning to evening every day along with assignments to complete in…

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