Work Smarter, Not Harder

The beautiful thing about coding is that you can find answers to basically any questions you have by doing a simple Google search. The other beautiful thing about coding is that fellow developers not only understand the challenges that come along with writing code, but are equipped to create technologies to help navigate those challenges. There are multitudes of extensions in VSCode that have been created specifically to make your life easier while coding.

Something that helps me stay sane when I’m working on a project is having code that looks nice. I am generous with white space in my files, and the perfectionist in me craves consistent formatting throughout my projects, which often amounts to me spending far too much time editing to suit my preferences.

Enter Prettier. Prettier is an extension that was created to auto-format your code every time you save your files. It creates consistency throughout your files which is super helpful when you’re working alone, but really comes in handy when you’re collaborating on a project with other people who may not write code the same way that you do. Not only that, but it ends up minimizing the time you spend making your code look nice so that you can focus on writing code that works well!

I’d recommend checking out Prettier, or another code formatter like it! You can find the documentation for Prettier here.



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